The Three Pillars of Health

Health depends upon the grand functions of: Nutrition, Drainage and Nerve Force Nutrition The food intake should be that which supplies the organism with all of the essential nutrients. - From birth to death there must be efficient nutrition. Only the foods most favorable for human nutrition should be consumed. Those substances which the organism [...]

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: The Three Pillars of Health

Stay young forever. Lose twenty pounds a month. Improve your memory. Reduce allergic symptoms. Get rid of that flabby stomach. Raise libido. Eliminate tired blood. Restore [...]

Five Element Theory – Destiny (Four Pillars) And Health

The cause of illnesses can be traced in one's Four Pillars chart. When the cosmic flow of the chart is disturbed by a bad luck cycle or annual star, the health of one's [...]

pillars of health

Today's health care system, unfortunately appears to be developing a generation of people who continue to stay sick and dependent on dangerous prescription drugs as [...]

Water-A Pillar of Health

Water is a basic pillar of health. It is involved in every function of our body. When we drink water, we are keeping our five vital organs hydrated and ready for action: [...]