Five Element Theory – Destiny (Four Pillars) And Health

The cause of illnesses can be traced in one’s Four Pillars chart. When the cosmic flow of the chart is disturbed by a bad luck cycle or annual star, the health of one’s well being can be negatively affected. The Four Pillars chart allows a practitioner to assess the probability of which part of the body is vulnerable before it happens. With the advent of new medical technologies and life support systems, life can sometimes be prolonged until a person passes a difficult luck cycle; once the cosmic flow changes, the medical situation of the subject may improve if the flow is in favor of one’s Four Pillars system.

Situations where one’s health can be subjected to vulnerabilities are:

-Strong self system is enhanced and overwhelmed with a specific element.
-Weak self system being deteriorated by opposing cosmic forces.
-Special classified systems where the flow is being upset by an opposing cosmic force.
-Useful god is under attack.
-Clash, harms or penalties tearing apart the flow in the chart.
-Cosmic system affected by a combination unfavorable to the leading flow.

We cannot give a completely accurate view on exactly which organs or parts of the body could be jeopardized. The amazing feature of using the Four Pillars to understand one’s health is that it can help practitioners diagnose specific organs or body parts that are weaker. With this knowledge, you can reduce the negative effects to those specific body parts through proper exercise and diet.

First and foremost, one must recognize the element that governs or affects which part of the body.

Respiratory System, Lungs, Throat, Tongue, Teeth, Large Intestine, Bones

Stomach area, Digestive system, Skin, Pancreas, Hands, Fingers, Toes, Back, Nose

Kidneys, Blood Circulation, Ears, Bladder, Lymphatic System

Neck, Head, Liver, Joints, Legs, Gall, Skin, Pancreas, Breast, Chest

Small Intestine, Heart, Eyes, Chest Area,

Since all these body parts inter-operate with one another, so does the Cosmic System of one’s life chart. In order to diagnose certain problem areas of one’s health, the use of the Four Pillars chart can provide a blueprint in diagnosing weaknesses.

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