The Three Pillars of Health

Health depends upon the grand functions of: Nutrition, Drainage and Nerve Force


The food intake should be that which supplies the organism with all of the essential nutrients. – From birth to death there must be efficient nutrition. Only the foods most favorable for human nutrition should be consumed. Those substances which the organism cannot profitably utilize should be avoided. We should ensure that we provide a diet of foods that produce a blood pH factor that is approximately 7.4 alkaline. This is attained by a diet of 50% fruit – 35% Vegetables (raw) – 10-15% Starch – 5-10% Protein (vegetable)


The efficiency of the human organism depends upon the free flow of pure blood and lymph – to and from the tissues. Nutrients derived from food are needed to replace the body tissues which are continually being broken down by normal life processes. Efficient drainage of these metabolic wastes is essential for health. Unless they are removed regularly, the toxic residue accumulates and poisons the tissues. This poisoning is called Toxaemia – an impaired composition of the blood and tissues. When nutrition and drainage become deficient – ill-health or death must follow.

Nerve Force

The free flow of nerve force is essential to provide the stimuli for activation of living tissues. Any substance or influence which tends to obstruct or impede the flow of nerve force will cause imperfect functioning and consequent ill-health. Any substance or influence which totally obstructs this will cause death.